10 Toothpastes So Good, Your Kid Will BEG to Brush Their Teeth!

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On the subject of dental hygiene, a wise woman once said: “Only brush the ones you want to keep.” Okay, yes, that was my mom; she has a dark sense of humor. She also has gorgeous teeth and, thanks to her, I developed a sense of dental enthusiasm at a very young age. I loved going to the dentist, I enjoyed flossing, and I had strong opinions on toothpaste flavors. Turns out, I still do.

Getting kids to adapt to a twice-daily routine isn’t easy! If there’s a shortcut to getting kids to remember to brush and, even better, feel excited to brush, then why not take it? One sure-fire way to get your kids begging to brush is to let them pick a fun new flavor of toothpaste to brighten up their days (and nights). Check out our list of faves below! (P.S. Check out our roundup of the most incredible toothpastes we bet you've never tried, too!)


BIG on Flavor

There are so many more options on the market than the limited assortment you see at your local drugstore! These fantastic flavors are just a click away...



Tanner's ‘Vanilla Bling’ Tasty Paste Children’s Toothpaste

It looks like candy, but don’t be fooled – Tanner’s Tasty Paste was invented by Dr. Janelle Holden, a pediatric dentist and parent. Dr. Holden was all too familiar with toothbrushing tantrums, so she created a great tasting, safe, and effective toothpaste bursting with kid-approved flavors like ‘Vanilla Bling’ (vanilla ice cream), ‘Cha Cha Chocolate’ (chocolate ice cream) and ‘Ooh La La Orange’ (orange creamsicle). There’s even a fluoride-free formula, ‘Baby Bling,’ for littles, too!

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Theodent Kids ‘Chocolate Chip’ Whitening Toothpaste

Theodent Kids ‘Chocolate Chip’ sugar-free toothpaste is made with real cacao to delight kids (and maybe even some young-at-heart adults). This toothpaste also contains a non-toxic and revolutionary alternative to fluoride called Rennou, which is safe if swallowed – just in case.

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Schmidt's ‘Coconut + Pineapple’ Children's Toothpaste 

Got a mint-hater on your hands? Then they’ll love this piña colada-flavored toothpaste. You’ll love that it’s free of sulfates, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and dyes. The brand is also certified vegan and cruelty-free! 

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ACT Kids ‘Wild Watermelon’ Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

Enjoy the flavor of a summertime treat every time you scrub. This Wild Watermelon-flavored toothpaste is mouth-wateringly delish and tastes so much like candy, it’s hard to believe that it helps prevent cavities whenever your kids brush.

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Brands You Know & Love 

If branching out into uncharted territory makes you feel a little wary, try one of these flavorful tubes from brands you’ve probably tried in the past.



Burt's Bees for Kids ‘Fruit Fusion’ Toothpaste

Fighting cavities can still taste fun! This dye-free, SLS-free toothpaste contains fluoride and a stevia-based sweetener. Your kids will agree, the flavor is the bee’s knees!

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Tom's of Maine ‘Outrageous Orange Mango’ Natural Children's Toothpaste

This toothpaste checks all the boxes: no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, and it’s never tested on animals. We love ‘Outrageous Orange Mango,’ but your family might be tempted by ‘Wild Blueberry,’ ‘Fruitilicious,’ or ‘Mild Mint’ flavors instead.

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hello Kids ‘Unicorn Sparkle’ Fluoride Toothpaste

Make brushing a magical experience with ‘Unicorn Sparkle,’ a flavor that tastes like rainbows and sunshine, i.e. bubble gum. hello Kids toothpaste prevents cavities, strengthens enamel, and helps brush away plaque. Available in ‘Wild Strawberry’ and ‘Grape’ flavors too! Catching a unicorn has never been so easy.

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100% Pure and Natural

If your rules for ingredients are as strict as your bedtime policy, you’ll appreciate these fluoride-free, sulfate-free options.


INTELLIGENT ‘Juicy Peach’ Enzymatic Kids Toothpaste

The name is a mouthful, but the formula’s just peachy. This blend is based on four naturally-occurring saliva-based enzymes, so it’s extra gentle on little mouths, with zero risk of any harshness or stinging. You could say it’s… a smart choice? Wink.

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DESERT ESSENCE ‘Green Apple Watermelon’ Toothpaste Gel for Kids

Why gel-lo there! This safe-to-swallow gel toothpaste is specially formulated for children as young as six months, so you can hang back while they get the hang of brushing. The plant-powered formula gently and safely removes plaque buildup to keep little teeth and gums clean, with a juicy ‘Green Apple and Watermelon’ flavor they will love.

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Jack N’ Jill Natural ‘Mixed Fruit Basket’ Toothpaste Variety Pack 

We love this variety pack of five vegan toothpastes, and it truly is a mixed fruit basket with flavors like Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackcurrant. Yum!

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