15 Hilariously Relatable Memes That Sum Up Thanksgiving for Parents


Later this week, we’ll awkwardly declare our gratitude in front of an audience and overeat homemade pie. Whether you’re stuck hosting an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner or you finagled your way into showing up at someone else’s house with store-bought dessert, parenting during the holidays can be (more) chaotic (than usual). 

Embrace the chaos by laughing with us! We’ve rounded up Thanksgiving memes and tweets by some of the funniest parents on the internet so that you can rest assured you’re not alone. 



1. Does Anyone Else Miss the “Good Old  Days?” 

(source: Death By Diapers)

The sweet spot of Thanksgiving is when you’re old enough to appreciate more than just dinner rolls, but not so old that you’re in charge of anything except eating, lounging, and coming up with a few things you’re grateful for. We know this now. 

2. We Can’t Help Ourselves 

(source: Mom of 1 and Done

Some people aggressively prepare for Thanksgiving by cooking too much food, putting up too many decorations, and stressing themselves out even though their entire family tells them they don’t have to do so much. It’s us. We’re “some people.” 

3. We Can Be a Little Over the Top   

(source: Life and Times of Mom)

Moms, amirite? Even when we try to convince ourselves that we’re going to take it easy, we end up channeling our inner Nicolas Cage in National Treasure

4. There’s Nothing Like Creating Family Memories 

(source: Anna Doesn’t Want To

We cooked! We decorated! We made it nice! Now pretend to get along so mommy can take a nice picture for social media captioned “My Little Turkeys.”  

5. Time To Party 

(source: Mom of 1 and Done)  

And by party, we mean we’ll have two drinks while sitting on grandma’s couch, listening to someone else struggle with our kids in the next room. 

6. Why Did We Want to Grow Up Again? 

(source: Raw Motherhood

The adult table certainly seemed a lot more fun when we were kids. Is there a way we can go back to the kids’ table and discuss who gets to go first on the Nintendo 64 after dessert? 


7. Living the Dream 

(source: Mommy Meme Jeans

This is the way. Tell the others. 

8. The Dreaded Holiday Birthday 

(source: Sarabellab123)

It’s not easy having your birthday fall on a holiday, especially when you’re a kid. Make this girl some buttered noodles! 

9. Brace Yourselves. You Know It’s Coming 

(source: Mary Fairy BoBerry)

You know it’s happening, but it still stings. Get mentally prepared and don’t forget to buy the Pop-Tarts.

10. Always Be Prepared. 

(source: Simon Holland)

This is funny, but it’s also pretty solid advice. Add it to your to-do list. 

11. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

(source: The Questionable Mom

It doesn’t matter how full you are, you have to eat dessert at Thanksgiving. I don’t make the rules. 

12. Some Things Just Make You Say Hmmm…

(source: Artificial Parent

We’re not trying to be controversial, but this is a worthwhile argument to consider. 

13. Time to Be a Hero 

(source: Henpecked Hal

There’s no easier crowd to convince of your legendary status than young kids you only see a few times a year.


14. The Indisputably Best Side Dish 

(source: Mad Mommies

We’re not saying we can’t be friends if you don’t love potato side dishes on Thanksgiving. We’re just saying pass your portion over this way. 

15. Aaaand We’re Done 

(source: Spicy Disaster Mama

Speaking of indisputable truths, we all agree there is no better nap than the post-Thanksgiving dinner nap, right? 

Do you go balls to the wall on Thanksgiving like Life and Times of Mom, or do you prefer a more laid back approach like Mommy Mom Jeans? Do you agree with Artificial Parent that turkey is overrated? We’d love to hear your reactions! Head over to our Instagram page and drop us a note! 


Ana Balich is a freelance writer, content creator, and social media marketer. She lives in Chicago with her husband and three young kids. You can find her on InstagramTwitter, or eating Cheetos in her pantry. 


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