Our Top 7 Gadgets for Back to School

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The future is now! Thanks to technology, classrooms and students have reached sci-fi levels of sophistication. We’ve made a list of our favorite back-to-school gadgets – from the no-brainers like the best laptop for students, to the mind-blowing – like a hands-free pencil sharpener. Yes, that’s a real thing! Read on to get up to speed on this year’s best tech school supplies.


Sleek USB Microphone

This super-compact microphone is perfect for smaller spaces. Equipped with professional recording quality, this mic is able to screen out background noise, like typing and mouse clicks, to keep the focus on your voice. The clarity is incredible for the price, and it’s so easy to use! As long as you’ve got a free USB port, you’ll be ready to plug and play. We also love that it comes in three colors – crisp white, classic black and a charming shade of pink!

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Inkless Label Maker Machine

These days, even label makers are smart! This portable thermal label printer is controlled using a companion app on your smartphone. How simple is that? It also scores major points for being able to print QR codes, and run on a single charge for three (yes, three!) months. That’s practically an entire semester!

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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set

Pistachio. Mint. Matcha. Avocado. These are the soothing shades of green that will greet your eyes when you use this futuristic-looking wireless keyboard. Its honeycomb-shaped keys are so pretty, your student won’t mind tapping out that 500-word essay… as much.

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Electric Pencil Sharpener

How wild is this?! This electric pencil sharpener is hands-free. Insert the pencil, then release your hands! The sharpener gets to sharpening automatically, and in 3-5 seconds it will release your pencil, honed to an absolutely perfect point! No more weirdly sloped sides or broken lead with this handy device. Yes!

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Reusable Smart Notebook

This notebook is so high-tech, it feels like magic. Write, scan, then share! Your handwritten notes are digitized using Rocketbook’s free app, so they can be uploaded to your cloud service of choice, like Google Drive, Evernote, iCloud and more. AI technology powers Rocketbook’s Smart Search to make searching of your notes easy to do. This notebook is even eco-friendly! It can be used endlessly – all you need to do is wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth to begin anew.

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Tablet Stylus Pen

This stylus is a must for the times when precision is key, and a fingertip just won’t cut it. With pixel-perfect accuracy, this smooth stylus is fantastic for drawing, writing, and note-taking. It’s lightweight, holds a charge for 20 hours, and even includes an extra nib, just in case.

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HP Envy 13 Laptop

Shopping for a new computer can be overwhelming, especially if you’re on a budget. Luckily, there’s a machine that stands out from the pack. Laptop Mag has crowned HP’s Envy 13 model as the Best Overall Laptop for Students. It’s easy to see why! With a vivid display, 11+ hours of battery life, sleek design, and affordable price point, the Envy is perfectly named.

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