This Privacy Policy explains how WAD Productions Inc.  (“we”, “us,” “Company”), as data controller, will process your Personal Information collected on our COVID-19 vaccination record website and otherwise in connection with our COVID-19-related safety processes and recommended health procedures. This Policy should be read in conjunction with the WarnerMedia Privacy Policy, https://www.warnermedia.com/us/basic-page/legal-and-privacy.

Purpose and Legal Basis: We are initially collecting and processing certain Personal Information (namely your name, email address, work location and a copy of your vaccination record) for the following purposes:

  • protecting the health, safety, and welfare of members of the general public and our staff and wider workforce involved during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • understanding and keeping track of the levels of vaccination as maybe required by applicable state, local, county or municipal law;
  • understanding the risk of infection in the workplace;
  • helping to mitigate the risk of infection for those at the greatest risk, including through determination and application of appropriate safety protocols;
  • planning for operational continuity in the event of an outbreak;
  • supporting risk mitigation and contact tracing efforts in the event that an exposure occurs at our event.

The collection of this Personal Information is reasonable for the purpose of managing WAD Productions Inc.’s relationships with its guests and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.  The Company relies on your explicit consent to collect a copy of your vaccination record, and your explicit consent will be requested before you provide the relevant vaccination record. 

Type and Sources of Personal Information: We will collect your Personal Information directly from you, when you answer the relevant questions on the site or in person. This will include your name, email address, home address, telephone number and, a copy of your vaccination record, where you have received the COVID vaccine, the dates you have received each dose and the manufacturer of each dose.  This may also include the results of any rapid COVID test taken on-site the day of your visit.

Sharing and retention: The Personal Information we hold as a result of you using this vaccination record collection process may be shared within the WarnerMedia group as necessary for the protection of our workforce and the protection of the general public; in particular sharing your personal information with federal, state and local governmental authorities as may be required by law to protect the health and safety of the general public; our health personnel, insurance issuers, corporate management. Where necessary, this information may also be shared with other companies and organizations that we work with such as the relevant co-producer(s) or other third-party production companies involved in a production, insurers, service providers such as providers of medical or physical security and those that operate, or assist in the operation of, and maintain this website.  Those service providers will only use the data for our purposes and at our direction. We may disclose this information to local health authorities where permitted or required by law. Your personal information will be retained for as long as is necessary for the purposes described above. We may disclose this information to local health authorities where required by law.